What is Vermicomposting?


    Millions of tons of food waste are buried or burned each year at considerable financial and environmental cost. Instead of discarding your food scraps, you can recycle them quickly with the help of worms.

    Vermicomposting (worm composting) turns many types of kitchen waste into a nutritious soil for plants (indoor and outdoor). When worm compost is added to soil, it boosts the nutrients available to plants and enhances soil structure and drainage.

    Using worms to decompose food waste offers several advantages:

    •   It reduces household garbage disposal costs;

    •   It produces less odor and attracts fewer pests than putting food wastes into a garbage container;

    •   It saves the water and electricity that kitchen sink garbage disposal units consume;

    •   It produces a free, high-quality soil amendment (compost);

    •   It requires little space, labor, or maintenance; and

    •   It spawns free worms for fishing.

    Simply collect your food scraps (non-dairy and no meat) until you have a liter or so…... Then bury the food scraps in your worm bin and let the worms do the rest. After a while, your compost will be full of usable nutrients. Once you have separated the compost and the worms, you can use the compost in many ways. Worms are kept and used again and again in your next vermicomposting bins.


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