The Thunder Bay Vermicomposting Network !!

    Who is the TBVN?

    The Thunder Bay Vermicomposting Network was started by Dr. Bradley A. Wilson of the Geography Department at Lakehead University and many of his students. This group all agree vermicomposting is a wonderful way to reduce waste in our landfills and produces a valuable product: rich compost.

    Anyone interested in vermicomposting should read this website and the linked websites and learn about the process. If you want to start a vermicomposting bin, read How to Start a Vermicomposting Bin , then contact anyone in the Thunder Bay Vermicomposting Network (see Need Red Wigglers). Once your vermicomposting bin is set up and ready for worms, any of the network members will provide you with worms for free!!! All members of the network (see Need Red Wigglers) believe in spreading this great activity.

This site was designed for a small group of volunteers within the Thunder Bay,Ontario, area - unfortunately we do NOT have the capabilities to ship worms- sorry!

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last updated August 28, 2017